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The Ambassador ministry

The Ambassador ministry involves volunteering to greet people as they stroll down Lincoln Road and walk into our sanctuary to pray, take pictures, ask questions about the architecture and or the history/denomination of the church. The ambassador’s hours do vary, call the church office at 305-538-4511 to obtain when the Sanctuary is open. 

Whether you are here in Miami Beach for a brief visit or a resident in our community, the ambassadors are here to welcome all people that walk into our church with a joy-filled exuberance, answer questions, provide reference materials, and encourage visitors to return for our Sunday Worship Service so that they can connect to Jesus Christ while they are here on their life journey.

While hospitality falls under the duties of all member of our congregation, The Ambassadors are often the first person a visitor will come in contact with as they enter our church for the first time. It is important to us that visitors have a positive first impression.

If you looking for some quiet time to pray or want someone to pray with you or want to learn more about the church, come visit us!

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