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Dear MBCC Members and Friends,

The hot summer months are here!  Also, with the summer often comes a dip in giving to our church.  That was true in June, we were about $1,000 below our budgeted giving.    Fortunately, this month we were able to save on some spending categories.    The church continues to carefully manage money, and I appreciate that each dollar given is the result of someone’s hard work and represents a generous heart.

This month I’d like to share a story I read that inspired me.

Sometimes people say that it’s harder for young families to give…”when I get older and more established” or “once the kids’ education is taken care of”  they say they’ll give.

But here is a story of Jeff Wise and Julia Kaufman – in their early 30’s, with income over $200,000 per year, they decided to live on just 6% of their income and give the rest away.  In one recent year they lived on 15,000.    They have 2 kids.    They’ve been married since 2009 and view the money they own as belonging to whoever needs it most.  “Every dollar I spend is a dollar out of the hands of someone who needs it more than me.  I’ve always felt that way”. 

Mr. Wise also said that over their lifetimes they plan to save hundreds of lives and enhance many more through their giving.  He and his wife see that as a wonderful opportunity.

What a generous spirit!  Think for a moment:  what would it be like to decide to live that way?  What would you give up?  What would you gain?  What affect would it have if everyone had Mr. Wise’s attitude – that what I earn belongs to whoever needs it most, and saving others’ lives and making them better is more important than attaining a higher lifestyle. 

How about a challenge?  It’s not likely that most of us will decide to be a generous as this family.  But, as followers of Christ, how can we challenge our own thinking?  How can we move from our culture’s message that what we earn is ours to do with as we please to a Christ-centered generosity where we move from compassion for others who have needs greater than our needs?

Scott Shackleton, Treasurer


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